Top 5 Things to Do Around The Colony, TX

October 16, 2020

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A quiet suburb of Dallas, The Colony offers families and visitors lots to see and do on the weekend and all through the week, and no matter the weather! If you want to enjoy the beautiful Texas sunshine outdoors or need a break from the heat and want to cool off with something fun and interesting indoors, check out the top 5 things to do in and around The Colony, Texas.

nature preserve in colony tx

1. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

At over 200 acres, the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is sure to offer something for every outdoor enthusiast in the family. The preserve has 3 miles of paved and 3 miles of unpaved hiking trails, so you can either enjoy a smooth bike ride or challenge yourself with an old-fashioned walk in the woods. There is also an off-road bike trail, restrooms, and pavilions you can rent for special occasions.

2. Hydrous Wake Park

If you love water sports then Hydrous Wake Park is the place to be! This park offers lots of space for wakeboarding, skiing, and everything else you love to do on the waves. There is also a park next to the water for relaxing, enjoying a picnic lunch, or just watching the sunset, and plenty of floating toys for those who simply want to take a swim or spend time in the water without tackling the waves!

3. Shoreline Trail

For those who love the water but also prefer a more natural environment, be sure to take time to visit Shoreline Trail. This beautiful water park offers lots of natural grassy areas, perfect for hiking or picnicking, and untouched spots next to the lake that offer an amazing view when the sun goes down. Whether you want to swim, hike, or take some great photos, Shoreline Trail can’t be beaten.

4. Big Sandy Boat Ramp

Big Sandy Boat Ramp is an excellent spot for anyone looking to launch their vessels into the water, but this park also offers lots to do along the shore. You can hike, relax under a pavilion, or fish off one of its many piers. Big Sandy Boat Ramp is also an excellent spot for anyone looking to do some sightseeing, watching others launch their boats and make it out onto the open water!

5. Hickory Creek Park

True nature-lovers often don’t want to leave nature, which is why you’ll love Hickory Creek Park. Not only does this park offer lots of space for hiking, biking, fishing, and everything else you love to do outdoors, there is also room for camping! Whether you have a roomy RV or just want to set up a small tent for the evening, don’t overlook the beautiful and restful Hickory Creek Park!

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