How Often Should You Schedule a Roof Inspection in Lewisville, Texas?

August 1, 2020

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A roof inspection in Lewisville, Texas, notes areas of needed repair and if it’s time for a new roof altogether. A roof inspection might also tell you that your home’s roof is in good condition and doesn’t need any repairs and that it should last for several years, saving you the cost of otherwise unnecessary fixes!

Many homeowners, however, neglect regular roof inspections for Lewisville, TX, homes simply because they aren’t sure when they’re needed or why they’re so beneficial. Some homeowners also mistakenly think that they can inspect a roof on their own, assuming that they’ll notice damaged shingles and materials easily.

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A roof should typically get a full-scale inspection every few years until it begins to near the end of its expected lifespan; after that time, consider an annual inspection. However, to avoid overlooking damage and needed repairs, note when you should schedule professional roof inspections in Lewisville, TX, beyond this standard schedule and why this work is best left to the professionals.

Schedule a Lewisville, TX, Roof Inspection After Storms

No matter a roof’s age, it’s vital you schedule a Lewisville, TX, roof inspection after strong storms or a long stormy season, and especially if your home was exposed to hail or fallen tree branches. High winds and heavy rain or snow often pull shingles off a home’s roof, etch or split clay and slate tiles, and loosen metal sheets. No matter their overall condition, these materials need inspecting after storms have passed through.

A homeowner would also do well to schedule a roof inspection in Lewisville, TX, after an overly hot summer. While Texas weather often wreaks havoc on any roof, prolonged sun and heat exposure tend to dry out asphalt and clay tiles, and otherwise cause premature damage. A roof inspection will tell you if some tiles and shingles need replacing and the overall condition of your home’s roof.

Signs of Damage Mean It’s Time for a Roof Inspection in Lewisville

Not all signs of roof damage are as obvious as a homeowner might assume; knowing signs of needed repairs ensures you schedule a roof inspection as soon as it’s needed. For instance, you might notice curled, buckled, or uneven shingles on the roof. This might indicate that those shingles are pulling away from the roof decking below and they need repairs or replacement.

However, many signs of roof damage go unnoticed by homeowners simply because they don’t associate those signs with a home’s roof being in disrepair. What does this mean? As an example, a home’s roof plays a major part of its overall insulation. Roof leaks and missing shingles allow out your heated and cooled air, causing your appliances to cycle on more often and spiking your utility bills. If you notice an uncomfortable interior environment, consider a roof inspection for a Lewisville home.

Along with outside weather, a solid roof in good repair also keeps out summertime humidity. Since heat rises, any humidity your roof allows in will typically travel with that heat and get trapped in a home’s upper stories or attic. In turn, you might notice water damage along walls and ceilings, a musty feel or odor, and mold in those spaces. If this should happen, schedule a roof inspection right away!

Note, too, that algae is especially damaging to asphalt shingles while it can also grow underneath any tile material. Along with mold, moss, and mildew, ensure you schedule a roof inspection in Lewisville if you should notice algae on a roof’s surface and especially if these contaminants are spreading under and between tiles, shingles, flashing, and the like.

Are Your Neighbors Getting Roof Inspections in Lewisville?

A roofing contractor in Lewisville can typically note a roof’s age and overall condition; however, you might also keep an eye on your neighbors and consider if they’re scheduling roof repairs or replacement. In many suburbs, homes are built at about the same time with the same materials, so roofs tend to need repairs at the same time. In turn, you might notice several of your neighbors scheduling repairs or getting an entirely new roof, which might indicate that your home’s roof needs an inspection and repairs!

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This isn’t always a hard-and-fast rule, of course; some homes are added to suburbs long after the first home are constructed, or a neighbor might be considering selling their home in a few years and wants to invest in a new roof now, to make the home more appealing to buyers. However, if you’re not sure a roof’s age or condition, don’t overlook your neighbor’s activity and consider schedule an inspection if you see lots of new roofs getting installed in your area.

Schedule a Roof Inspection in Lewisville Before Selling

If you’re considering putting your home on the real estate market anytime soon, schedule a Lewisville, TX, roof inspection! Remember that a homebuyer will usually have an inspection done before closing and will be alerted to needed repairs, so it’s best that you arm yourself with this knowledge first. In turn, you can make those repairs, invest in a new roof, or know what to expect when it comes to potential offers.

Having that inspection done now, even if you won’t be selling for several years, also gives you time to decide on your options and discuss your home’s condition with a real estate agent. He or she might note that a few thousand dollars in repairs now can help avoid missing out on potential offers in the future, and ensure you receive your full asking price.

A real estate agent or your roof contractor might also explain if needed repairs are likely to get worse in time so that your home’s roof is in serious disrepair when you’re ready to sell. Damaged, poor-quality roofs often turn off potential buyers or impact their offers, which affects the entire selling process. To protect your investment now and ensure you can sell it for as much money as possible in the future, schedule a roof inspection in Lewisville if you’re at all considering putting that home on the market.


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